“Self causes 2nd caution period” – Why you should read past the headline

  I was scrolling through my NBCSN app, looking for things to watch while in a slump at work when I came across this title. Maybe not exactly those same words, but close enough. 

I watched the video because I thought they were talking about Austin Wayne Self. They weren’t. 

Since I work in a cube farm, I started the video, but had the sound muted. Since I couldn’t really ascertain what they were going on about, I turned up the volume and watched it again. 

Turns out, they were talking about someone names “Michael Self” and not “Austin Self.”

I was happy to see that it wasn’t my guy that ran into the wall at the race in Kentucky. 

The point is, as a fans, we all need to take a moment to read past the headline in order to get the information that we need or that we should get.