Susie Wolff To Retire From Racing

So, Wolff wrote out this sincere and heartfelt letter explaining her reasons for why she’s retiring from Formula One racing. I get the sense that she feels like there just doesn’t seem to be the desire for any team in F1 to give a woman a race seat.


I think that it goes beyond that.

I think that the reason there is no woman in a race seat in Formula One, is simply because there is no big time sponsor support for one. Danica Patrick is a relatively competent driver but the argument could be made that the main reason that she remains in a race seat is because she can get sponsor money. Perhaps Wolff was simply a victim of not being able to bring a big time pay sponsor on board?

Not that having a paying sponsor is any guarantee of a race seat. Look at Giedo Vandergarde, but as Pastor Maldonado will tell you, having a well heeled sponsor can do wonders for your career.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Wolff or any other woman in a race seat in Formula One. How much free press would Haas have gotten had they picked Susie over Gutierrez? Alas, Gutierrez has that Carlos Slim money behind him and Slim won’t break off big cash unless you have a Mexican driver in a race seat.

Is it a sad thing that Susie Wolff has to retire without ever racing in F1 and that it doesn’t look like there’s another woman in the wings ready to take the proverbial baton? I think that it is. I’d love to see a woman racing in F1 and beating some of the bigger named racers.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Formula One, it seems like it’s still a man or boy’s world.

For now.