About MidGridRacing

So, this is my second attempt at this site. My first attempt was a miserable failure. I was either too ambitious, or not ambitious enough. The truth is, that I listened to advice, and I took it to heart. I also lacked discipline and commitment and it showed.

So, I’m trying this again.

Monaco, is as good a place as any to start over, right?

The name of the site was inspired by something that former Formula One driver Adrian Sutil said during an interview in the lead up to the Austin F1 race back in 2013. 

Sutil said that during any given race, all of the action happens in the middle of the grid. The leaders are out in front, the back markers are out behind, so all of the action, is in the middle.

I liked that, and took to heart. I named my site after that thought.

Let me know how I’m doing.

Before I forget, if there is something here that should not be, it’s probably an embed from somewhere. Let me know and I’ll take it down. Just use the contact form below.