“Self causes 2nd caution period” – Why you should read past the headline

October 1, 2015

  I was scrolling through my NBCSN app, looking for things to watch while in a slump at work when I came across this title. Maybe not exactly those same words, but close enough.  I watched the video because I thought they were talking about Austin Wayne Self. They weren’t.  Since I work in a cube farm, I started the video, but had the sound muted. Since I couldn’t really ascertain…


September 26,2015 Pro Modified Race

September 28, 2015

At this point, it was getting dark and I had to go back to work, so I did not get any photos of the trucks racing nor any photos of the accident that happened during the truck race. I’m almost glad I wasn’t there to see that since I hate seeing people get hurt. Advertisement


Races At Central Texas Speedway On 09112015

September 16, 2015

I had to work during the day so I missed all of the day time races as well as the grid and pit walks. Because of that, I only have a handful of photos from the races. I plan on being there earlier for the next races in a couple of weeks. This weekend however, I’ll be at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) for the WEC Endurance races. Advertisement