Pit Walk At Central Texas Speedway 08/28/2015

September 14, 2015

After walking on the grid, we took a little walk around the paddock/ pits. The majority of these racers have little to no corporate sponsorships. They race for the love of racing. I asked one team about how much money their race package cost, and they replied about $25,000+ they have invested into their racing. Out of their pocket, into the race team. That is love. Advertisement


Grid Walk At Central Texas Speedway 08/28/2015

September 13, 2015

Photos from the grid walk a couple of weeks back at Central Texas Speedway. I really enjoy coming to this little track. It’s very much the way that racing should be with the drivers and the cars being accessible to all. I understand that the higher up in the echelons of racing that you get, you need a certain air of exclusivity, but this is type of access and racing…


July 18th Races At Central Texas Speedway

July 29, 2015

These are my photos from the race that I attended at Kyle’s Central Texas Speedway. The speedway is a D shaped banked oval, 3/8th of a mile in length. It’s a great place to come spend an afternoon with the whole family watching loud cars racing. There’s lots of food and drink options at prices that won’t break the bank. There will be more races at the speedway this coming…